Living Faith is when we believe even if we do not see. The great testing of our faith is trusting him in the ambiguity of life. Long before he said in John 16:16-19 Jesus went on to say, β€œIn a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me.” The world will rejoice while we suffer through hardships, challenges and difficulties. We asked God in our prayers ” whhhy jesus why? Then After a little while we will see the Lord of host! Pouring goodness, love and mercies. We grieve but soon it will turn to joy. We will no longer ask because we are joyful in spirit. To him we trust


How Gracious God is …

Jonah knew that God is gracious and compassionate. God wants to bring salvation to the Great city of Nineveh! Nineveh was the the Capital of Assyria. Assyria was the great world power. “the city of Blood” as per Nahum, full of wickedness. God has a great heart, because it turns out God has a great heart for the great city. Jonah is qouting here the most famous confession of God’s identity in the history of Israel, when God revealed himself to Moses on Mount Sinai. God’s love Manifest itself i his accessibility to all, regardless of our reputation, nationality and race.

Matthew 17:20

Disaster may burn it, tragedy may smash it, injury may bruise it, or arrogance may denounce it. But faith, like seed buried under concrete, is difficult to keep down permanently. – Rebuilding the Real You