Don’t apologize for…

✔️ Dont apologize for being real in a world where being real only gets you so far. ✔️ Dont apologize for cutting toxic people of your life no matter how long you have known them,how close you were or even if you are related. ✔️Dont apologize for being more guarded. ✔️Dont apologize for neglecting people who only need you when it’s convenient for them. ✔️ Don’t apologize for the painful things you said, because if they can say it, why can’t you? ✔️Don’t apologize for celebrating even if there is nothing to celebrate, because fun should not be tied to certain occasions,people,achievements or materials. ✔️Don’t apologize for not keeping things to yourself anymore-get it off your chest so you can breath again. ✔️Don’t apologize for calling someone out, it is your right to set boundaries in every relationship. ✔️Don’t apologize for putting yourself first- let’s face it someone had to. ✔️Don’t apologize for being an adult who is still learning what matters, who matters and which direction to go. ✔️Don’t apologize for simply becoming who you are meant to be. 7.22.16 ☑️☑️☑️.       

P.S. I got this from Rnai Naim’s blog. ” 15 Things You No Longer Have To Apologize For” But I just pick my Top 11 ! 😏


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