Hello there! Christian women often are told that they have to be a certain way, or act like they are perfect. But have you ever read what God wants us to be?As I pondered upon this, I remembered Proverbs 31. This chapter is written by a king, whose mother taught him how a woman of God should act. What does she say? Open up your Bibles!Now as I read, I created a list.



1. We should have faith. Serve God with your whole heart, and believe that He will do good.
2. Have a faith-filled relationship. This chapter mentions a lot about taking care of your husband, but every single relationship should keep God first. Don’t give your husband or boyfriend a reason to doubt you.
3. Be a sister. Pray for your church and church family. You never know when they will need you, so always be ready to be there for them.
4. Health. You can’t be superwoman! Don’t overdo yourself, keep your own personal health in check.
5. Serving. Be obedient to God! Do what he tells you to do! Let go of your pride whenever The Lord moves on you.
6. Industry. We women shouldn’t be lazy. Whether you have a job or you clean the house, don’t be useless! God never intended anyone to sit around!
7. Be a homemaker. Take care of your household. Cook meals, keep your home a sanctuary, be a mother/wife.
8. Manage time wisely. If you are given responsibilities, make sure that you complete them all.
9. Beauty. Make sure that you never lose your inner-beauty. Even if it does get hard.
10. Show Jesus. Be a witness for your saviour! If you know someone is lost, pray for them. Always keep a smile, after all, you could be the only Jesus someone sees.
Well I hoped you enjoyed this devotional! It was week number one for my ministry, Virtuous Women, which I encourage you to go read about on the up-coming page that will be linkedhere! God bless! ❤
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