Painted balloons

Sometimes in your weakest state makes you strong. The power to rise above whatever currency you’ve been through. For whispering in the shadow becomes a content of silence. For whatever people say or do to you won’t affect you anymore. I say, it is better not be involved of anything and find serenity of an open opportunity of dreams to be reality. Rather than stuck on to pavements of compromise. Because no matter what you do, no matter what you try will simply be nothing. Because being involved into something gave you obligation and you will feel sorry. There is a point in your life you got tired of being angry and sad. Tired of going through people to people just to fuse frustration, pressure and pain. You learn to care less what people may think of you, of your past, their expectation to you. You’re tired of being scared of people. Tired of trying to please everyone because you thought they deserve it. Your don’t care anymore if you are important to them because silence became a contentment of answer. And finally give the last  blow of what they want because you are really tired and that makes peace to everyone. Tired waiting in vain ,in sadness and hope of something then out of those unfortune moments leads to the opening of the secret garden of joy and love awaits. Then you prefer not be seen and not to be found. And there is this room in your life not so perfect. So simple that would someday will make a differences. That bright colors will reproduce because there is good out of all bad you’ve been through. You don’t let them paint it for you anymore, you believe in your self. The one who notice the storm in your eyes, the silence in your voice, and the heaviness in your heart will help gather the colored balloons you painted and spread in the universe. 🙂 #paintedballoons😌