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Not Your Typical High School BEST FRIENDS

In my third year high my teacher told us that we will never forget our high school buddies! And I told myself, we will be seeing in college or if not then we will keep in touch! My focus that time is looking forward because I am not staying high School any longer. Sometimes we tend to be excited that looking forward is our focus than seizing the moment of a current life. I’m not saying that it’s bad to look forward but I am too excited to dive into another page. I’m excited to taste the college life, Finish College and to have work!
After graduating highschool in 2007 my life is different! I’m busy with my previous boy-friend, adjusting with the course I took which is B.S nursing and enjoying making new friends. I want new adventure, lifestyle and friends! I want to create a new group of friends that I can grab on when I’m taking a break , studying and partying!
Friendship is something that I took for granted then! Especially I had my boyfriend that used to be with me all the time so I don’t have the chance to reconnect with my best friends. I’m not getting over with party life filled with new set of friends, exciting freedom and zigzag lessons.
I’m a kind of person that is independent but totally emotional. An introvert person that can survive being alone! Sometimes I made some excuse because I want to stay home and just being alone. I’m a kind of person that people needs to adjust in my timeframe. If you want to be with me then you must know when I’m busy or not. You must set a time earlier to hang out with me. I have a lot of set priorities and me time moments. I seldom ask time from other people. I’m apathetic really! I don’t tell them about that, it’s just that they know me better. They respect, understand and accept me. But so far I got besties on my side as Always! There will be these girls I met and will stay for good! Despite of being apathetic, introvert and independent, there is a part of me that wants to be in a group and meet new friends. But I don’t stay longer with them. Fortunately speaking, I got few group of friends that till now I’m still in their group! I am so blessed to have an understanding set of friends.
Everything that I looked forward before is here now. I graduate college; I got a job that I love and surrounded with a busy life. Sounds serious and independent right? I’m done with parties; I have a set of new perspectives and lifestyle. Sometimes I tend to reminisce out of nowhere and I don’t know why. I browse my net, had coffee and reminisce! Maybe because when everything is quiet and calm you tend to draw back to a memory lane.
So I watched some of my high school best friends come and go asking myself.. Am I still their best friend? I took them for granted when I had my serious boyfriend and fascinated of what’s ahead. I’m certain that I got low maintenance friends and I feel so blessed about that. We don’t talk for months because both of us is living life but when we see each other there’s nothing but laughs and love.
I have a lot of high school best friends really, I got seven. I consistently connect to the three of them. They are not close to each other but they know each other. Some of them I took for granted and their busy with their lives now but I genuinely love them!
They are my best friends because despite of being busy, distant and with different priorities in life there is a part of our friendship that is genuine. There is a part of us that make us whole. They are the ones who knew me better from adolescence to the person I am now. They don’t have to be with me all the time so that they can say that’s her! They trust, respect, understand, listen and reconnect! We are born to be the best of friends! They are not perfect; they are not the ideal best friend material you ever had because I don’t have that kind of standard for them. That’s them in my life; they are born to be my best friend. Nothing in us is forced.
I consider them as a lifelong besties because:
1. We discover our do’s and don’ts , like and dislikes.
2. We survived each other’s awkward teenage years.
3. We know each other’s embarrassing moments and it doesn’t matter
4. After all these years, they practically know you better.
5. We shared our highschool crushes and love fantasies.
6. Totally and completely comfortable together. We introduced ourselves to each other and then viola ! We ate lunch together!
7. We always have things to catch up on and talk about
8. They know how to say something bad when its necessary or hurting.
9. They know how to cheer you up when your heart is breaking. They know when to ask and listen.
10. You’ve been talking about future plans and what they are up to.
11. You always give them the right to ask something personal and they respect your privacy all the time.
12. You are not shy to be yourself, you cry, being silly, stupid and crazy.
13. When you want to reminisce about high school, they’re the best person to do it with.
14. If you’re ever in a bad mood, they know exactly when to talk to you, and when not to. They know how to cheer you up
15. They are your medicine when life gets squeeze up. They help you refresh and start all over again.
16. And while you’ve had your fair share of fights, all is always forgiven.
17. When you’re totally mad with each other. Even if you don’t talk for months, still they genuinely love you.
18. No matter what happen, even if they got mad at you. When they hear issues and judgment about you they will defend you and preserve you.
19. You can have a conversation with them only using your eyes.
20. They are not afraid to be honest with you. Whether you like it or not.
21. After long days, weeks, months or even years of not seeing together they still share their secrets and update you with life. They trust you and you feel the same way too.
22. They’re the one person you can express all your feelings too, without the fear of being judged.
23. . You can bitch to them about anything and you know they’ll keep it.
24. Years may pass, but both of you get some common perspectives.
25. You can be sweet with each other.

I have to go through over my old fb account just to get some  pictures of my highschool bffs!


Jasmine Macarambon My First year to Second Year Best Friend



Sherilyn Cruz _ Third Year Highschool



Hope Winstanley _Third Year High School


J Marie Debbie Fourth Year HighSchool



Geraldine Reyes – Second year-Third Year


Normina Bazar- Shared my Crush with her. Fourth year

Insert Keshia Mabulay here ! Third Year to Fourth Year!


Thank you Lord for the wonderful friendship with these girls!♥


All We Need Is God

Who can cast your fears? God
Who can fill your heart with joy after the unfortunate events? God
Who can make you feel beautiful all the time? God
Who can give you infinite love? God
Who can be your real hero? God
Who is patient? God
Who can give you hope when things are impossible? God
Who can give you strength when you’re weary? God
Who can make poetry and sweet notes? God
Who knows your heart? God
Who loves you even though you disappoint him? God
Who encourage you and push to limits because he always believes in you? God
Who comforts you and make you calm? God
Who can heal all sickness physiological and psychological? God
Who can be your best friend? God
Who can see brokenness and helps find healing? God
Who can appreciate our character, uniqueness and flaws? God
Who will save you in danger, trouble and foolishness? God
Who will find you when you get lost? God
Who will surprise you when you’re down? God
Who will celebrate with you in victory and defeat? God
He is all we need. ❤ Thank you Lord for this day! 😀40_300x300