Building and Rebuilding

building-your-houseCan we ask ourselves, what it takes to build a house?







It takes a serious construction to build a house.

You will need:

  • Architect to design your house, provide plan.
  • General constructor like carpenters, dye wall installer, painter,
  • Building inspector to visit your site at regular intervals.

Aside from that you need to set your plans to be organized and most important you need is money to get construction started. What do you feel? Excited? Motivated? Desperate? Have you ask yourself how long will it takes to build a house?

For a smaller house with few options or less detailed finishes it will take 8 to 12 weeks, 6 to 9 months from start to finish. A longer house with high options customized future facilities and finishes will take 1 ½ year to complete.

When building a house, ideally we see the picture of the weather will be perfect ,all materials arrived on time and intact , trades people will be ready and on time. Unfortunately this is a very rare occasion and in life it doesn’t go that way.

The weather could take a term of the work, material could be late and missing or not available, electrician could be held up to another job, constructor can be sick, rearrange construction schedule and some more.  There will be normal unplanned events that can affect the progress of home building. Yes building can be exciting but sometimes it can be a chaotic event.

And after you have done everything viola! The house is done! J But that does not stop there; you will encounter a lot of things. Climate change, storms or flood, one item might be destroyed by intruders, some part gets damage and old that needs to be repair.

Why am I talking about building and rebuilding? Because building your-self is like building a house. It is a self-project that God provides you. Every project is different either our lives too. You need resources, materials, people who will help in construction. But building self needs wisdom, experiences, challenges and test.

We are not born perfect and no one was born perfect!  Growing and learning takes time. There will be changes in you as time goes by. When you are young you like something so much and when you get old it doesn’t bother you anymore. You have learned a lot through teachings, experiences and mistakes. Perspective change as environment and maturity evolve! As we grow building self-took its part! As we done building ourselves: our character, values, morals, personality…. rebuilding takes place! J

Life is not an easy path. When you are young it was easy to live life. You have your parents with you who stood up for you and when you grow old there is a break through coming. You’re getting out of your comfort zone.


Some kind of an Introvert

When all you have to do is sit down and write it down. Sometimes it is not just   people you need to vent out with but through papers and pen. Happy ,sad and everything jot it down! It will never get tired to listen to you. Unlike humans, they tend to spill, broke your trust, misunderstood, fabricate or get tired. You can’t blame them either. It is a way also of being humble and mysterious at the same. You don’t expose yourself to everybody. Just to those people deserve to know you!  🙃

Note to self

I am young, I have capabilities and more skills , character to discover. I have a lot more to change and learn. This heart will be tame.I will stumble and fall but that doesn’t mean I’m in distress. I will smile laugh and stand again.I will never be perfect, there is something in me that will never change. My flaws,indifferences and being difficult sometimes, that made me human. But one thing is for sure He wis working on me to be one of his best. His character will mold me . I am one of his masterpiece and Im very grateful of it. I was prepared for something. I will persevere! I believe ! 🤗🙃