Phenomenon Of a Heart Broken

Most topics start with a good introduction or a good topic. But this is different, Let’s talk about being heart Broken this time and find positive views.

When you hear the word “Heart Broken”? What can you say about it? What can you feel about that word? Sad? Negative? Hurt? Depress? Disturbing? Ill?

Being heartbroken does not mean you need to be broken.
Being hurt by somebody and losing a relationship is a terrifying experience of human kind. The experience of heartbreak can be so intense; you feel sad, hurtful, you may have sleeping disorder, caught yourself crying at night, loss appetite and be depressive for couple of weeks, months or even years. It depends on your coping. It is very normal for a person to feel grief after losing somebody. But that doesn’t mean your life ends. You lose one person, not your whole-being or everything in your life; just a tiny piece. There is a difference of a heartbroken and a broken person. A heart broken person experience loss but does not lose his/herself in the process. A broken person losses both: a person, thing and him/herself.

Being heartbroken does not mean you are unlucky with relationship.
There is no such thing called lucky and unlucky. We are blessed by God, All of us.
There are people in our lives who come then leave and not be a part of your future you thought they would. But that’s life is all about that we need to learn. People come and go, forever does not exist. Only God holds forever.
You feel unlucky when you love someone so much, then that person rejects that love for someone else, Others have dealt with the death of a loved one or Your love one betrayed you and the most unacceptable reason is you need to break up because there is nothing left anymore. No more spark, you are not growing anymore, and you don’t belong to each other. We thought that he/she is the one but sad truth is he/she is not. That person is just a lesson.

Being heartbroken does not mean you are awful or your a bad person.
Many of us hearing the words, “It’s not you, it’s me,” Or He/she broke up with you because you have bad habits, and you don’t change. If you truly love the person you accept his/her imperfections.Be patient and support him/her in the progress of change. We all know that we are born sinners, nothing is perfect but God alone. It is not true either that human person cannot change, we can change! Especially when you ask God for it, you will change through the holy spirit. Expect that each person has flaws and appreciable traits. Do not love a person because he/she is perfect, Love an imperfect person. We are made in the image and likeness of God, so we are wonderful person with imperfect traits. If you had your heart broken, think of it that the person who loves you truly will love you even at your worst.

Sometimes you need your heart to be broken to see and understand life and God more. Most of the person had a true view of Love through there heart broken experience. They see God more, they understand why it end, they learn and became a better person/lover.