Dreaming The Impossible


“We have a God who delights in impossible and who asks “Is anything too hard for me?” Andrew Murray

It is in our human nature that God etched come to life questions upon of our beings. Rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful, elite or common people, famous or just an average person; they would think that their life is a mediocre, still a mediocre! Most life questions would be.. “ why is my life so mediocre, even though I’m trying to make it grand. How can I live my life that really counts? Just like in the book of Ecclesiastes, that life is useless. He could not understand the way of God who controls everything however he advised people to work hard and enjoy the gifts of God as much as long as we could.

I would really say the life is unfair. We are chasing a wind that we will never going to catch it. But that doesn’t mean we stop dreaming of impossibilities. He does not want us to be a mediocre in our life time but to live a life in an impossible way with him. He does not want us to be spoiled and self-centered person that who would boast. God does not want us to be a mediocre and a boastful person. We are just too discreet of thinking of an unfair world. When in reality life must set to be in balance for you to appreciate life better; His creations and blessings.

In my mid 20’s, my life is full of wandering. Most of the time I come to question God with random things. My belief from my childhood days does not align to what I have discovered now. That time little by little my beliefs were fading to dust. I am a positive person as always. Those things gave me motivation and determination in pursuing life. But life is not an easy path; it drops me in a dungen tunnel that I thought I would stuck forever. There are times I accepted life will always be confusing and pointless. I’m trying to fill my mind with positive and happy thoughts but my environment is a dead zone. I could not appreciate much longer. So I gave up my hopes of finding a sense of purpose in life, love that last for a lifetime and enjoying enduring friendship. Some people mocked me, put some bets on me and wear me down. People mocked the fairytale that I believed and hoped for. They told me that it does not exist and that I should wake up in reality. Sometimes when you aim from impossible you are usually mocked, misunderstood, and alienated. But through my BS experienced I see the light from the dungeon tunnel that gives direction. God knew I was confused, mad of the world, lost and broken, So he helped me to his path of hope. I was able to appreciate life in any circumstances. Then he gave me a chance to dream the impossibilities again! I realized that God wants to point out everything from these experiences.

Imagine life without a conflict, a movie without climax? A novel without adventure, a movie without goose bumps and thrill? Isn’t it mediocrisy? Then Life is boring, life is empty full, unchallenging and unchanging.
I put myself to a very successful person who achieved everything. What will he achieve next?
I put myself to a very rich person who has everything. What will they asked next when they got everything.
I put myself to a very wise person who knows everything. What else will he learn?
It its better to be half empty glass than a full empty glass. You have more time to fill in the emptiness rather than full but empty inside.

You have more time to unraveled and discover the world. Life is not exciting anymore when you have everything without God’s guidance. So that is why he made us imperfect, as well as the world. Through him we only became perfect and just. God wants us to dream the impossible dream with a humble heart and with his sovereignty power as our strength. He wants us to trust him, believe him for his power and plans are greater and magical. For his power has no limit even in the widest of horizon. God made us to be imperfect. He wants us to know who we are here on earth. He wants us to direct out the swamp of mediocrity training us to live a life that truly counts. He wants us to appreciate life in hard times, keep dreaming in hard times.


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