The hardest standard that anyone could think would be looking for someone, finding the one. Girls would like to be their guy as  rich, popular, good looking. and etc!(some kind of a perfect guy) They think that in that kind of standards they’ll achieve their happy-ever-after! Some will be disappointed because nothing came, no one meet their standards. They would think it is the hardest to find somebody, well nothing is perfect and no one will be! Some would finally found some one but as years may past they find themselves broke!

Some girls would say

” he cheated on me, he is not the one. I thought he is the one!”

“He was everything that I wanted but I was wrong he cheated on me”

“How could I find someone, even if that good guy hurt me so bad!”

But honestly  the hardest standard anyone could have is following Jesus Christ.Sadly, A lot of us had a hard time following Christ, even Christian has struggle maintaining relationship with Christ.  Seldom would include Christ follower in looking for a partner. Most of us were clinging to the basis of human standards; power, attraction and money could offer. That’s why it is difficult to date now-days. Traditional dating is fading. Boy and girl relationship that won’t last for a lifetime is being ok now. Flirting and dating with various guy of any kind is like a trend. Relationship is becoming a trend. Do you want to end up with that kind of relationship and would wreck everything in the future?  It doesn’t really mean that the person you need is someone religious. It does not count! Some are going to church but not everybody is devoted to it.  You don’t need a religious man, but a man who fears the Lord.

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If marriage is not sacred, marriage would be unlimited. Now-a day’s many people treat marriage like that. You can divorce any time, have two wives or more, many children of different woman/man and cheating would be not a problem because everyone is doing it. It is a trend! The essence of marriage and commitment fades away due to constant change of time. Marriage should be a seal, a covenant to Christ and to procreate God’s children into numbers.  One child who does the Lord’s wills is better than numerous Child you bore. It is like a pagan children, who does not know God and it’s useless. Make sure if you’ll get married, you will please God not recreate problem.

They picture marriage as a happy ending story, and a sort of fairy tale. But honestly it’s a battle you need to face together. It is a start of a maze that you need to be strong. Yes, marriage is a trap especially when you are not sure of your marriage or person you married. Once you married a wrong person, it will never bring peace to your generation. It is like a contagious disease or a curse. Unless someone will be  strong and has wisdom to cure it and to break the chain of the curse you two made.  Marriage would be an everlasting curse or everlasting covenant to Christ.

To decide to marry and to be committed is you need to weigh things first; will it bring peace to the future or bring everlasting disaster? Don’t get married because of the feelings, get married to fulfill God’s words and covenant.  Love is not all about feelings, love is beyond feelings. Love is peace, patient, respect, self-control.  Most feelings people would pamper is the feeling they get in attraction, chemistry and beauty. Everlasting love is love beyond feelings, beyond attraction, beyond chemistry. It is better to be single than to be in a relationship that won’t last. Besides when we die, we are brothers and sisters in heaven.

If you are single rejoice! You have a lot of time to seize the moment being single. Serve the lord on those days, practice responsibilities. Travel as much as you can and spread the word of God. Be friend someone you like and her/him more in friendship. Build everlasting friendship with one another. Be prepared in your singleness, God would knock at your door anytime to give you the partner you need for a lifetime.

If you are in a relationship,  Let God be the center of your love. Lead each other closer to God every day. Protect each other and do things together to serve the Lord. Pray together to bless your relationship.

If you are married, Guide one another to follow Christ. Teach your children and lead them closer to Christ. Serve and praise together. Correct and forgive each other. If one is lost, pray for them to be found. Be patient, many things will happen. God will test your family’s faith. Be strong, hold each other. Husband must love their wife alone. Wife must submit to their husband. Children must respect their parents. Don’t give them the inheritance of your property it may destroy each other. Give them the inheritance of God’s words, it will bring peace to one another.  It will bring peace and joy to your future genetations.

If  you belong to a broken family, don’t lose hope. Break the chain and cure the contagious disease the your ancestor had cause. Believe in God’s word and everything will be wash by his blood. Trust him and don’t stop praying. Don’t underestimate the sovereignty of Christ.

If you are trap in a wrong marriage, don’t commit adultery. Be satisfied of what you have. Pray that love will be ablaze again. Trust God, nothing is impossible for him. If it is hard for you to submit to your husband/ wife then submit yourself to the lord. Little by little there is  change!  In a snap of a finger, God can change everything. So believe in him. Focus on your children. If your husband sin against you, forgive him. If you sin against him, ask forgiveness to the Lord and to your husband. It is never too late to have a clean slate again.


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