For Better and for Worst I Thank The Lord 5/25/2014

For Better and for Worst I Thank The Lord 5/25/.2014

During my sadness and mourning, he heard it and looked at me from above.

When I wander in a wobbly road, he gave me compass to straighten the road, Directs me into a path of righteousness

I was blind, I did not notice his way

I feel as if he is punishing me everyday

Later did I know he saved me from danger and troubles

So I thanked the lord for being so patient, merciful and wise.

Before I can think and evaluate my inner motives

He knew it all along the positive and negative desires of my heart

He perfected it in pain and consciousness

Through pain I was awaken by wisdom and warnings

Through consciousness I felt guilt and I am alarmed!

I thank the lord for the gift of pain and consciousness

There are times it feels like darkness never ends.

Sufferings, dilemmas, bad days, worst days never ends, it made me weak and sad

But I thank the lord for all sufferings, weakness and sadness

For I was able to see him in bad times,

For in sadness, I remember him

For in sufferings, I recognize him

Through weakness he makes me stronger and better!

Sometimes when I feel so righteous, he made me careless,

When I feel so perfect and just he made me stubborn

And I thank the lord for making me careless and stubborn

For I able to humble myself before him

Sometimes I pity myself for not having all the wealth and highest form of position in life.

I become aggressive chasing over it and he made my goal so slow to reach!

I thank the lord for making me realize that earthly things and highest position is worthless in heaven.

He made me realized and appreciates relationship at work

He taught me what a role of a master and a servant is

I realized I’m blessed with so much more that I couldn’t ask for more, I am contented.

Sometimes I feel insecure for not being beautiful and smart

But amidst of the shadows of other stars I am shining

He made me realized that I am beautiful inside and out.

He made me realized that I am imperfectly beautiful.

He made my family imperfect and sometimes he allows my love ones to hurt me.

He made my friends imperfect: with fiercely flaws: gossips and betrayal

He made the guys I dated so tempting, deceiving and inviting

He let my heart be broken, vulnerable and realized that all relationship is imperfect.

And I thank the lord for testing my faith like iron sharpens iron!

I thank the lord for I was able to differentiate the standard outlook of a family, friendship of humanity and of God.

And above all, I thank the lord for he taught me to forgive and forget. To let go of the bitterness and humble myself before him. I was able to gain better understanding of a commitment.

Oh I praise and Thank the Lord for his undying love and Sovereignty ! You deserve my highest praise Jesus πŸ™‚


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