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like somebody! 😀 hahaha!

I like the way he smile at me, it enlightens my day !

I like to stare at him , looking at his eyes. Trying to read his emotions and feelings that kept so mysterious about him :3

I like to hear his voice, sweet and calm ^_^

I like to hear his worries, frustration. I feel he is trusting me ;D

I like to tease him over and over again. It made me laugh. :DDD

And I like to hear him laugh too :))

I like the way he care :DDD

Sometimes at night I could not stop thinking of him.

My typical question in my mind would always be:

Where is he now?

What is he doing?

Who is with him?

I enjoyed watching him past by…

I enjoyed watching him with people around because he made them happy. :DDD

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So gave me a chance Oh Lord to express my gratitude of having him in my life.

I thank you Lord for that wonderful  person….<3

I thank  you lord that we met.. . =)

And Forgive me for being vulnerable… >.<

Every time when I’m with him, I could not stop this feeling.. but i must stop :3

So I gave him up to  you..as I fled

With unspoken words, and a silent smile.. let him understand..

Take care of him as I walk away.

If I could make some best memories with him, it would not be kisses and intimate feelings.

It would be self control, understanding and unspoken words.

It would be you in it Oh lord that will be our best memory. 🙂

If our feelings will not be align to you then I must go..

For I know, if it is not your will.. In the long run, we will just gonna destroy each other

I cannot pursue this feeling because It’s not the right time..

Sprinkle him my happiness you gave me, so that in sadness he will be strong.

Hoping for the best of him, protect him as what you always do.

Give him wisdom,and consciousness to respect woman..

He maybe confused at the moment, but I pray you will lead him close to you as you just did to me when I was lost.

It saddens me to stop this infatuation, but this is the right thing to do.

I don’t care if he feel the same way too,..It doesn’t matter now.. I just want him to be okay…

So let this be UNSPOKEN


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