Letter For The ONE

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Hey… I wonder when we will ever meet. Where would that be?  What would I really feel when I first saw, smiled, talked and touched you?  Have we met? Are you a friend? Colleague?  Batch mate? Boss? Co-worker? Best bud like in movies? Or a mere stranger?  What would be the color of your hair, skin and eyes? Would you look at me in the eyes and stare at me as if I was the long lost pair of yours?  Have we passed by with each other in the mall, school, park , church or anywhere? Have we already exchanged our smiles already? Everything is a mystery and it’s kinda weird because I often think about you. There is this image and I know it is yours. There is this feeling that is reserved for you. I don’t care about your history, as long that the right time would come you will be mine forever. I’ve done a lot of things in my life. I’ve been hurt a lot of times, confused in the quest of love and been challenged. I became lonely in those times we haven’t met..   There are times I am caught by desperation of love and all I had to do was pray.  In the midst of my single life and reality shines on me when my past loved didn’t work. out It is then you started to exist little by little.. Like a crystal clear water. As I proceed my life into the process of growing up, the more it open to the hope that someday I will find my way to you..  By the vast of unkwnowing dilemma you will come into the rescue. That is why I really don’t care if how long would I be single. But t life is lonely without you and dangerous. A lot of hypocrites, deceitful and liars are living here on earth and you know that. But I know, by the help of God I will be fine. I’ll wait for that day that you and I will finally meet and that would be my happiest moment of my life.  Excited to have our own little family.. I will bear our first born child and I wish it would be a boy. He will grow up just like you, the one I love. I will take our vows seriously till my last breath. I will serve you as I am entitled to serve you forever. I’m so curious and excited before we make it.   Whoever you are.. Whatever you may be.. I’m going to love you with all my heart, mind and soul. You don’t know how much I prayed for you. That God may someday grant my wish to have that someone that I will love for the rest of my life.   I’ll be waiting till the time come… Someday we will meet.. I’m leaving my life in your hand because I’m certain that you’re the one.  May God be the center of our love… I’m longing to see you love..


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