Get loose

So here’s the catch!, glitz and glamour of life makes us feel better about ourselves from time to time,but does not shape us into real life passionate pioneers that God has called us to become. We are focused to selfish role controlling our own soul to self-assurance and self-satisfying life.

Unfortunately, most of us are going through this. We cannot deny to ourselves, we only want to hear some deeply moving message, sugar coated inspirational words from people and books skip some verses in the bible when we don’t feel the words. We blocked the truths and focused on a sugar coated verses to motivate us to believe in Christ and to live life. But the truth hurts! Life is useless (see verse John 2:15-17), Life is ought to be hard (see verse James 1:2-4), and life has no exception of sufferings however through faith we are strengthen, renew and saved! (See verse Isaiah 40:30-31).

When you finally found his voice, you will see close how physically imposing and powerful a human could be; selfish as they say! Most of us don’t realize that there is something more waiting for us in heaven. You will realize how big God is in our everyday struggles. When life throws at you, you will whip your head right in the surface and smile happily. Whether you are insulted, discriminated, judged, tortured, imprisoned, misfortune, or robbed of life, you respond fearlessly, perfect peace, un-worrying life and unweaving joy!

Our life ought to follow Christ and meet his expectations, commands. Not our commands, wishes and expectations but HIS.

Who are we?

We are only humans not GOD,

we are created not the CREATOR,

We are slave not the MASTER,

We are the sheep not the SHEPHERD,

We are his child not the FATHER,

We are his FOLLOWERS

Who are we to ask too much? Who are we to empower Christ? So as followers we don’t bargain with him but live life selflessly.

So get loose then finally lose everything as you surrender yourself before the Lord. And because of it, you have nothing to lose anymore. To surrender before the lord is the highest honor and ultimate opportunity to live life in the fullest. You aren’t driven with ordinary human ambitions but God’s ambitions. You are captivated by him and everything fades into oblivion. Because heaven is more real than earthly life.  06/06/2014 AMEN 🙂


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