like somebody! 😀 hahaha! I like the way he smile at me, it enlightens my day ! I like to stare at him , looking at his eyes. Trying to read his emotions and feelings that kept so mysterious about him :3 I like to hear his voice, sweet and calm ^_^ I like to hear … More UNSPOKEN

Letter For The ONE

Hey… I wonder when we will ever meet. Where would that be?  What would I really feel when I first saw, smiled, talked and touched you?  Have we met? Are you a friend? Colleague?  Batch mate? Boss? Co-worker? Best bud like in movies? Or a mere stranger?  What would be the color of your hair, … More Letter For The ONE


As I reminisce my life way back two years ago or a year ago. My principles were different! Very earthly. In obedience I fail and I don’t care. But God never fail to knock and visit me in my comfort zone. Every time he visits, he brought e a visitor. He told me “this intruder … More THE GIFT

Get loose

So here’s the catch!, glitz and glamour of life makes us feel better about ourselves from time to time,but does not shape us into real life passionate pioneers that God has called us to become. We are focused to selfish role controlling our own soul to self-assurance and self-satisfying life. Unfortunately, most of us are … More Get loose